What to Do When You Have a Chipped or Cracked Tooth

The thought of chipping or cracking a tooth can be very scary. However, from time to time, things like that do happen. Fortunately, there are many treatment options to help fix a chipped or cracked tooth. The most important thing is to know what your treatment options are so that you can choose the best one for you. Read on for our best solutions on how to handle a chipped or cracked tooth and avoid dental distress from Dr. Dennis Flanagan at Dennis J. Flanagan DDS MS.Read More

Why You Should Be Smiling!

We all know that smiling is a crucial part of your health and happiness! Your oral health care team (dentist and orthodontist) are committed to keep your smile beautiful and shining bright! A beautiful smile can actually have positive impacts on your health beyond healthy teeth. Did you know there has actually been a proven link between the act of smiling and feeling happy? Below is some advice from Dr. Dennis Flanagan at Dennis J. Flanagan DDS MS about why smiling is important.

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Taking Care of Your Teeth at Home

Taking care of your teeth is an essential part of maintaining your health and wellness. While you should visit your dentist at least twice a year for a regular checkup and cleaning, they alone cannot account for your teeth health. Thus, it is up to you to take initiative and take care of your teeth at home! Keep reading for some advice from Dr. Dennis Flanagan at Dennis J. Flanagan DDS MS on how to keep your pearly whites shining bright!

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Selecting the Ideal Dental Specialist for Your Smile in Rockford IL

The choice between a dentist, pedodontist, or orthodontist in Rockford IL
 may leave many bewildered. Why opt for an orthodontist, you might ask? The secret lies in their experience and specialized training.


The Differences Between Dentists, Pedodontists, and Orthodontists

  • Dentists: All three professionals—dentists, pedodontists, and orthodontists—fall under the realm of oral care specialists, but their expertise diverges into distinct domains.
  • Orthodontists: Diving deeper into teeth alignment and jaw corrections, orthodontists undergo an additional two to three years of intensive training solely dedicated to orthodontics.
  • Pedodontists: Specializing in comprehensive pediatric dental care, these experts undergo an additional two to three years of training encompassing various facets of children’s dentistry.

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Digital Impressions

Gone are the days of gag-inducing, chemical-tasting putty impressions at the orthodontist’s office. With advances in technology, Dr. Dennis Flanagan at Dennis J. Flanagan DDS MS has access to high-tech digital impression machinery, making the experience of getting impressions taken vastly different and more comfortable.

What are Digital Impressions?

Digital impressions are completely computerized, eliminating the need for chemical-tasting goop to be placed in the patient’s mouth for minutes on end. The highly advanced camera technology allows for accuracy and speed, making the process faster and more efficient than traditional impressions.

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Orthodontist Offers Solutions for Smile Direct Club Closure in Rockford and Winnebago

Are you encountering the dilemma of Smile Direct Club closure? Fret not! Dr. Dennis Flanagan would like to extend a guiding hand to steer you back onto the right orthodontic path. With our practice’s two convenient locations in Rockford and Winnebago, we stand as the beacon of hope and excellence, ready to complete your Smile Direct Club treatment seamlessly.

Consider us your smile champions. Offering a comprehensive range of orthodontic services, including clear aligner treatment. We are perfectly equipped and thrilled to welcome Smile Direct Club patients. Our commitment lies in ensuring a smooth and personalized transition, guaranteeing an uninterrupted journey towards your dream smile.

Our friendly and dedicated team is enthusiastic about crafting tailor-made treatment plans within a warm and welcoming environment. Your journey to a captivating smile isn’t merely continuing; it’s receiving an upgrade with us.

Contact Dennis J. Flanagan DDS MS today for a complimentary evaluation at (815) 399-5757 or visit our website for detailed information. Your dream smile is merely a conversation away!